Southampton Solent University Students Accommodation

Hyfire Wireless Fire Alarm System

Southampton Solent Universities 7 Student Halls of Residence are spread out around the main campus in the centre of Southampton.

As the majority of them were all constructed at about the same time when it was decided that the fire alarms should be upgraded it was an upgrade that needed to be rolled out across all of them.

This meant that some 5000 new addressable devices would be required installed onto 50 loops and 14 separate fire panels.

Leader Systems tendered and secured the project based around the use of a Hybrid wireless system from Sterling Hyfire.

A Hybrid wired/wireless option was considered to be the most suitable based upon relatively easy access to common areas combined with severely restricted access into student bedrooms.

A two phase approach was developed whereby the infrastructure wiring and common area devices for each separate block were installed and commissioned in the first phase.

This ensured that the new system could be proved and fully operational ahead of the 2nd stage installation of devices into student bedrooms during the summer break when students would be away.

The Sterling Hyfire system was chosen for this project due to the flexible system architecture.

Wireless translators powered directly from a conventionally wired detection loop were installed as part of 1stphase works. Connected to the control panel we could power the system up and confirm radio signal strength prior to any devices being installed.

Once this was completed common area devices could be added to the system, commissioned and demonstrated early on in the project allowing us to decommission and remove old systems as we progressed though each block. This saved time, money and most importantly interruption to staff and students who were busy with exams.

The first phase of installation was completed 4 weeks ahead of schedule giving us more than enough time to prepare for installing 1500 bedroom devices in just 4 weeks as part of phase 2.

Combined multi-sensor sounder and beacon units were installed throughout which are designed to communicate with industry standard Advance Electronic Control Panels.

The 6 month £500k project where we acted as the principle contractor was completed ahead of schedule and is one of the largest single wireless contracts to have been completed in the UK.

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