Menvier are market leaders in the fields of emergency lighting and fire detection systems and now part of the Eaton group which offers further products such as refuge, call systems and voice alarm to the range.

Why Menvier…

Since 1975 Menvier have grown to be one of the largest manufacturers of life safety systems but with a route to market through the electrical wholesaler. As systems have become ever more complicated and the rules and legislation surrounding who can install and maintain them ever more stringent; Menvier are now changing that route to one via approved specialist partners such as Leader.

Through Leader Trade Services those contractors still wishing to install their own systems can do so and still have access to highly competitive supply only prices but with the added benefit of as much or as little support as they need from the specialists. Whilst on small and simple systems this assistance might be minimal, on larger more complicated systems our help will ensure that installers and more importantly their customers benefit from fully compliant, fit for purpose life safety system.

Additionally with so many Menvier systems in the field; Leader through our MSP team can offer the support needed to keep them running.

When the time comes to replace it we can ensure that a new direct replacement Menvier system is retrofitted onto the existing installation saving time and money as very little new installation is necessary. 

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