Xtralis is the leading global provider of powerful solutions for the early & reliable detection and remote visual verification of fire, gas and security threats.

Why Xtralis…

quite simply Xtralis are worlds largest manufacturer of Aspirating and Specialist Fire Detection products. They manufacturer amongst other thing Vesda; the name synonymous with ASD and more recently have developed the revolutionary OSID detector (Open-area Smoke Imaging Detection).

A significant benefit of OSID is its ability to provide volumetric coverage. As many as seven emitters can be placed within the field of view of a single imager, each placed at different heights. The OSID imager’s large viewing angles, both horizontal and vertical, enable three-dimensional area coverage for design flexibility and additional deployment savings. Unlike other volumetric technologies, OSID delivers absolute calibration for consistent detection performance regardless of lighting conditions, smoke colour, airflows or other environmental conditions.

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