Brandon Hall Fire Alarm Replacement

Fireclass Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

Leader Systems Maintenance and Special Projects division provide preventative and corrective maintenance services to over 130 Accor Hotel sites nationwide.

Accor’s Mecure Hotel brand offers a different kind of style to their other hotels and over recent years is a brand that’s expanded as non-Accor hotels have been purchased or franchised into the network.

Hotels joining Accor not only benefit by the rebranding it brings but also have access to their network of specialists, such as Leader and as the number of Mecure sites has expanded so has the number of system supported by us.

Clearly this brings with it its own challenges as in many cases the systems installed can be closed protocol making it more difficult for us to support but of more importance to our clients considerably more expensive to repair, alter and upgrade.

Ultimately there will come a time when the system fails completely and a replacement is required. Whilst this can often mean a chance to change to something open protocol; ensuring that what goes in can match the existing install configuration can cause problems and increase cost to a point that it’s easier to just stick with the same closed protocol!

At Leader Systems we believe that we have a range of equipment to ensure that whatever the application is or system to be replaced we can normally retrofit something onto the existing infrastructure without major installation rework.

Fireclass is our latest product and we believe it offers the best possible alternative to those customers that have an ADT system that they want to replace.

Manufactured by Tyco and using the same underpinnings as ADT; Fireclass can be retrofitted point for point onto an ADT installation without requiring any wiring modifications. Most importantly as the system architecture is the same it is also a seamless transition for the customer as the two systems are very similar in operation.

At Brandon Hall the fire alarm system failed and had to be replaced immediately. The simplest route was merely to get ADT to come and swap it out for something new but Hotel management considered the cost to be prohibitively high plus wanted the flexibility to chose who provided service support. As Leader was already carrying out the routine service it made sense to talk to us and our solution for them was Fireclass.

A network of 4 and 2 loop control panels was required along with approximately 300 devices. By linking the new systems with the old it was possible for the MSP team to quickly get a basic system up and running ensuring the hotel could remain operational.

The entire swap over process took just 2 weeks and with little or no interruption to Hotel operations, but most importantly the Hotel now have a far more flexible managed protocol system installed giving them the freedom to chose who supports their system in the future (although we hope it remains Leader).

Fore more detailed information on the Fireclass range please download a copy of the catalogue here: